Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Motivation for Wednesday!

I recently saw this quote by Jason Sudeikis in relation to his weight loss since he started dating Olivia Wilde: 

"The truth is, I’m not getting up an hour earlier and walking on a treadmill. I have the greatest workout partner in the world. And you don’t need a gym membership for that kind of workout."

I'll admit, I scoffed at it at first. However, I've had to counsel more and more patients on the benefit of exercise and weight loss and while doing some reading, I came across this: 

Calories burned during sex: 110-150

Wow! 150? that's not actually that many. And I commend you and your partner if you're having sex for an hour. 

But now that I have your attention...

Physical inactivity is a HUGE problem worldwide.  But why do we need to exercise? Well, besides the obvious benefit of a nice waistline and being a lot more physically attractive, there are major health benefits! Physical activity is associated with decreased risk of coronary heart disease, certain types of cancer, stroke, and death from any cause. Feeling stressed? Exercise may decrease stress and anxiety and can even delay cognitive decline in older adults.

How much exercise should you be doing?

The MINIMUM recommended amount of exercise is 150 minutes of moderate activity per week, 75 minutes per week of vigoroous activity or some combination of the two.

Who has time for that?

My advice for patients is try to incorporate this into your daily life: walk or bike to work, take the stairs, do squats while you're brushing your teeth if you have to. And break it up! It doesn't all have to be at once.

My challenge: record your activities per week. 
See if you're meeting the recommendations!

Amazingly, my sister is a workout guru (as her abs will tell you) and promises to post some exciting workouts on this page.

Hope you're feeling motivated on hump day!

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