Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Calgary Transition

When CaRMS (Canadian Resident Matching Service) told me I was going to Calgary I was excited. I was going to a new bigger city, I would be close to the mountains, I would be moving in with one of my best friends, and the Family Medicine program was exactly what I wanted. I had grown up, gone to high school, undergrad and medical school in Winnipeg. I thought, and still believe it was a good time for a change, but moving can be overwhelming. When I first arrived we were evacuated from my friend's apartment because of the devastating Alberta floods. The hospital that I was to be working at was closed, and the Mission area that I had remembered from my last visit was shut down indefinitely. It was all a lot to take in - starting a new program, being displaced...

I was lucky enough to stay at another friends place during the flood. Everyone in Calgary was extremely accommodating, and willing to lend a helping hand. I was able to finally unpack my bag, the clinic I worked at reopened, and I began to feel a little more settled.

Transitioning to new city can be hard, I think a lot of people may find change uncomfortable or intimidating. Change is important, it helps you grow, and I think especially as a doctor it is important to remain flexible when things do not go exactly as planned. So here is how I made the transition to a new city that much easier. Take it slow. Go home more often at the beginning of a move (if you can). You appreciate those things you may have taken for granted before. Meet awesome people. I have been lucky to meet some amazing new friends through my program. Take time to find a new place. Discover new areas, determine what the rental market is like, find your niche. Enjoy your job, and find a mentor. For me this will be important to have a mentor who provides advice about practice management, and guide me through the residency process. Plan trips home or away. Travel is very important, and planning to discover new (or old) places gives me something to get excited about. Do the things you love. For me going out for dinner, travelling, being active (more to come on all of these things later).

Hopefully in the future my posts will be a little shorter! I will be writing about everything from cooking to travel to medicine. Enjoy!



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