Monday, 12 August 2013


Well, I'm back on the island for my last term here; it's crazy how a year and a half has flown by... Today, I wanted to post about the importance of exercise. I know being a med student is physically and emotionally draining, but seriously, the key to staying sane is having some "me" time!

Don't say you don't have time, you can ALWAYS find the time. Set rules for yourself, such as- I'll take 30 mins a day away from the books to exercise or do some sort of physical activity. I definitely think it's essential to surviving the grind of school. 

I personally go for a run everyday around the same time. It's somewhat of a ritual to me, a time were I get to clear my head and just focus on myself. I've found on days that I've skipped a run, that I'm lethargic and more tired than usual. I also really enjoy doing short intense workouts from the website: They're usually around 12 mins and are definitely quick and get right to it.  

That's all for now, happy grinding!


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