Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Odd study fun.

So- I'm in my second year here, and it's my last term on the island before we get to go to the "real world" for clinical's. The importance of this term is essentially to gear us up for studying for the USMLE. It's one of the most important exams in our medical careers.  That being said, we spend a lot of time going crazy in the library (no, we're not always on the beach). The point of this post is to share the odd thing that my friends and I do to add some fun into our daily lives. We essentially have a group where we post study selfie's. Now, study selfies... one may think thats pretty lame and weird, but I think it's actually hilarious. What I'm trying to say here is- having some odd fun in your day really makes a difference when you're stressed out.  

The rules for our group rules are as follows: 
"- You must post at least one selfie a week to remain a member of this group - the whole point is to keep us updated, as close to daily as possible, with how happy or miserable you are.
- Duck faces/head tilts and all other cliche selfie poses are encouraged
- The more tears the better - we all want to laugh at your sorrow - it will help us get through the day"

Happy hump day people, laugh on!


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