Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Top 5 #TIG moments

Island living definitely comes with it's perks but there's also some pretty standard "This is Grenada" moments that students have come to term #TIG 

Over my last year and a half here I've definitely had many #TIG moments, but here's a few to share with you...

5. Twice in one week, both on the morning of exams, my 1997 Escudo with no a/c won't start...only option? Start running and arrive drenched in sweat. 

4. I never have time to blow dry my hair, especially didn't during 4th term- SOLUTION: quick dry under the hand dryers in the library bathroom. Works like a charm. It comes with a lot of stares tho...I'll never care ha. 

3. There's often a herd of goats crossing the sidewalk during my run, with a 12 year old boy following behind them, playing his cell phone of course. One time I actually ran into him solo, and he goes "hey, have you seen my goats?".

2. When your simulation patient from Clinical Skills lab turns out to also be the proctor yelling at me to put my hair back during my exam the next week. Or... for example, your cab driver could also be your mechanic who could also be a security guard. 

1. During exam time the island often runs dry of sugar free red bull and 5 hour energy. I often get texts being like "heads up! New York Bagels got sugar free bull again, HURRY."

Here's a link to a song that a few of my friends made while living on the island. The lyrics are awesome and definitely capture what our life is like here. 


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