Friday, 26 July 2013

Welcome to our blog!

We hope to enlighten you with interesting experiences we have encountered while undergoing our training on the road to becoming doctors.

Meet my best friend Carolyn:

Born an raised in Anola, Manitoba, she received her MD from the University of Manitoba, alongside moi. She is now out in Calgary (much to my dismay) completing her Family Medicine residency, with hopes of doing an extra year of training in Dermatology.

My sister Carling:

This girl doesn't like convention. That's why she escaped the harsh Winnipeg climate and took off to the Caribbean for her medical training. Grenada has turned out to be quite the amazing place, with an awesome curriculum, that seems to allow for some beach time as well. Carling has finished 4 out of 5 terms out there and after her next term, she heads to New York for her hospital rotations.

And then there's me:

During my last year of medicine, I decided to pursue a residency in Radiology. Well, sometimes things don't work out as planned; I have found myself enjoying Family Medicine in Manitoba instead, with my eye on an extra year in Sports Medicine! As my dad would say, "Serendipity".

We all have many interests outside of medicine and while we don't quite know where this blog will take us, we will soon find out ;)


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